Ayurvedic Solution for Healthy Breathing


Implementing modern technology in traditional practices.


Increase market presence domestically and internationally, targeting new regions and demographics using social medias.


To effectively support Pankajakasthuri in achieving their goals, Orestes will adopt a comprehensive and tailored approach encompassing strategic planning, operational excellence, and continuous collaboration. Our approach will focus on leveraging our expertise and resources to drive Pankajakasthuri’s growth and success in the Ayurvedic market.

Our Approach


Market Analysis and Strategy Development

Conduct thorough market research to identify growth opportunities and develop targeted expansion strategies for new regions and demographics. Consumer Education Campaigns: Design and execute educational campaigns to raise awareness about the benefits and proper usage of Ayurvedic products, utilizing various media channels.


Quality Control Enhancement

Implement advanced quality assurance protocols and training programs to ensure product safety and consistency. IP Protection: Develop strategies for securing intellectual property rights, including patent applications and protection of traditional knowledge.


Pricing Strategy Optimization

Analyze market trends and competition to recommend pricing strategies that balance affordability and profitability.


Scalable Production Solutions

Implement scalable production processes and technologies to meet increasing demand while maintaining product integrity. Assess and optimize Pankajakasthuri’s supply chain to ensure a consistent, sustainable supply of high-quality raw materials.


Brand Development and Credibility

Create and implement strategies to build a strong, credible brand image that instills trust among consumers and healthcare professionals. Develop a customized strategic plan aligned with Pankajakasthuri’s goals and market dynamics.


Technology Integration

Introduce and integrate modern technologies, such as ERP systems, for improved efficiency, traceability, and customer service.


Technology Integration

Integration of modern technologies, such as ERP systems, improved operational efficiency, traceability, and customer service, enhancing overall business performance.

Innovative Product Development

New, innovative products were developed, blending traditional Ayurvedic principles with modern scientific advancements, meeting evolving consumer needs and preferences.

Enhanced Brand Credibility

Strategic branding efforts led to a stronger, more credible brand image, fostering trust among consumers and healthcare professionals.

Business Growth

The combined efforts of strategic website enhancements and branding services resulted in significant business growth for our client. Enhanced digital visibility and a strengthened brand image led to notable improvements in sales and customer engagement.


The collaboration between Orestes and Pankajakasthuri has been highly successful, resulting in significant achievements across regulatory compliance, market expansion, operational efficiency, and scientific validation. This partnership has enabled Pankajakasthuri to strengthen its position as a leading Ayurvedic company, enhance its market presence, and achieve sustainable growth.

Ayurvedic Medicine Branding