Limited website operationality, scalability issues, outdated branding,


Enhance website function, upgrade user experience, and reinstate brand identity


Our client, a successful e-commerce emporium, had to deal with issues regarding upscaling their digital presence, improving website working, and upgrading their brand identity. They needed a working partner who could allow them a holistic solution. This is when we, at Orestes, equipped with our IT Staff Augmentation experience, e-commerce website editing potential, and a dedication to changing the client's digital presence, came into the picture.

Our Approach


Needs Assessment

We hosted a detailed checking of the client's previous website, figuring out issues, upgrading issues, and sections for enhancement. Similarly, we checked the branding techniques to sync them with the client's long-term goals.


Personalized IT Staff Augmentation

Figuring out the specific needs of the e-commerce field, we provided the client's team with expert professionals specializing in web development, UX/UI design, and branding. This strategic augmentation was targeted at alleviating quick issues and ensuring long-term progress.


E-commerce Website Modification

Our team worked at modifying the website, executing scalable solutions to improve efficacy, improve functioning, and upgrade the user experience. The focal point was to make a smooth and swift platform to address the growing demands and needs of the client's digital users.


Brand Revitalization

Acknowledging the significance of a powerful brand presence, our members reworked upon the client's brand image. Right from logo redesigning to maintaining a focused branding across online platforms, we targeted to make an impactful and lasting brand image.


Collaborative Execution

Via the project, we ensured swift and transparent communication with the client, assuring our orientation with their targeted vision. Frequent checks, feedback based interactions, and partnered decision-making realigned the collaboration.


Improved Website Performance

The e-commerce website saw a notable transformation, ensuing in enhanced speed, operations, and general working and performance. This led to smooth digital shopping affairs for users

Scalability Achieved

The adaptable solutions executed let the client's website manage increased traffic easily, thus ensuring improvement without compromising on quality.

Renewed Brand Image

The redone brand identity gathered positive responses from the client's target members. Standardized branding across platforms and channels improved the brand’s reputation and customer trust.

Business Growth

The cumulative work of strategic IT staff augmentation, website changes, and branding service offers transformed into substantial business elevation for our client. Improved digital visibility and a positive brand image worked at bringing about a notable improvement in sales and customer engagement.


This case study showcases how we at Orestes, through nuanced IT staff augmentation and focused services, fuelled our e-commerce client towards sustainable and elevated growth. By working upon both technical and branding aspects, we not only reached but overshot the client's expectations, setting the stone for long-term success in the competent e-commerce landscape.

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